Further Exposition

So a little about myself seems to be in order.
#Jatoba's bottom shelf
I’m in a career pivot period in my life. I was bitten by the whiskey bug as recently as my 34th birthday when my father gave me a 16-year-old Abelour, the smooth mouthful left such a positive impression that I became the easiest gift receiver (no whisky is scoffed at).

I am now trying to expand my palate, which bridges my other interests; food, and really I mean, well cooked attentioned and lovingly made food. This could be either accomplished by myself or most likely by a professional chef. I do have some experience with food in the restaurant industry as a career busboy working in various upper level restaurants in Montreal. I have also completed one semester at the Cordon Bleu for what it’s worth.

Mostly, I rely on my opinion, and of those around me when experiencing either new, revisited or old refreshing adventures.

That being said this blog will concentrate on my love of whisky

I also like coffee.


#newblog #scotch #whiskey #whisky #reviews #food #coffee #imo


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