Dalmore 12yr


It’s a little early for Christmas time but just smelling this whiskey makes me think of the Hollidays,  right from the start, I get a strong whiff of fruits,  oranges and Grand Marnier as well as a strong scent of sherry, presumably from the sherry cask in which it’s been aging in for the hast couple of years before bottling. Fruit cake is the best way I can describe the full bouquet.

imageThe palate is distinctly less powerful, and quite neat in the mouth. One would think that there would be flavours that would come out and mingle, however it remains a pleasant mix of the sherry and the and orange with some spice and a mellow burn.

Dalmore 12yr

As for the finish, there is very little, you won’t have to wait long to get the initial kick back from a new  , it leaves a  lingering but a nicely sweet feel in the mouth.

Overall it is pleasant, not smokey at all and it’s whisk(e)y, so worth giving a try.



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