Aberlour 16yr


This the whisky that started it all. It was a gift from my father on my 34th birthday. I was surprised at first as I had only just mentioned in passing that I was starting to journey into the grand world of whisky, and on top of that he had ventured past his habitual mainstay of Oban 14yr. I was genuinely surprised and appreciative.


Taking the bottle out and looking at its amber glow I relished the anticipation of my first new experience in good, I mean proper good whisky. The amber glow draws you in and calls out to be poured. Once poured the “water of life”  lets loose a complex bouquet with evident traces raisins and floral notes belying the rich full velour taste to come.


Once the whisky reaches the palate a few immediate impressions are made. It fill your mouth and coats it with a pleasant fullness that does not overwhelm the senses but rather invites contemplation.

Caught in an introspective moment

Within resides the result of properly selected aging barrels, with two types of casks that play well together. The oak and ex-bourbon casks let the front end of the taste be a slight oak and that develops into the charred bourbon releasing some vanilla flavours, this is all rounded out by the creamy roasted barley


The finish is just as good as the nose and the palate. Leaving you with just a hint of honey.


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