Oban 14yr


I have a history with this bottle. There was an incident in my youth involving “gastro” (the gastro-intestinal nightmare that is the stomach flu) and the slightest whiff of a glass of Oban. The aroma triggered a chain reaction that lasted 2 days and resulted in a loss of 12lbs. I was scarred and it kept me away from whisk(e)y for a decade (no pictures are available or wanted from the incident). Skip ahead 15 years.


The Oban 14yr is a fine expression, demonstrating reserve and the nose gives of a smokey wood scent with hints of west highland coast sea spray.

The palate isn’t as thick and engulfing as advertised but still gives off a pleasant mouthfeel throughout.

The finish lasts long enough to draw some notes of dry oak and citrus-y fruit and whisps of sea salt.


Since my first encounter I have come to appreciate why my father had this as his staple for all these years. It’s a proper staple of the upper middle shelf.


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