Ranked #1 Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye


As someone who professes to love whisky , scotch whisky I would be remiss if I didn’t write something about the new #1 first place Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye, winner one of the top award from Jim Murrays’ The Whisky Bible.

For new initiates to the world of whisky Jim Murrays Whisky Bible is the international reference for whisky reviews. He is well respected, a depth of knowledge and an (the) authority on whisky.  He may be a single reviewer but maintains the clout and singular honour of naming a world best whisky every year. The naming of these best whisky can lead to new trends and more than likely the cause of the resurgence of new world whiskies, blended or single malt. Past winners include; 2014 winner Yamazaki Sherry Cask, 2013 winner Thomas Handy Sazenac Rye and 2012 winner 21 year Old Pulteny. All receiving a boost in publicity and  popularity. Most notably kicking off a Japanese whisky craze. All this to say that this is kind of a big deal.

So a local, seemingly affordable best in the world whisky seems like a no brainer, grab a bottle and review it… well, after a quick search on the Internet and despite being a local Canadian product the closest location that has available stock is below the border or out west. Road trip maybe…


Talisker Dark Storm

imageThe seasons are changing and the winds are plunging the thermometer. The time for light and fragrant is coming to a close, time to usher in the more bold and campfire like affairs. Talisker Dark Storm is nice transition to a more hearty fare.

The nose strongly evokes scents of fresh cut moss and sea brine. The nostril are drawn in to the mellow warmth.image

The palate is quickly filled with a light warm welcoming  burn that fill the mouth with a pleasant saltiness. The transition imagebetween the beginning, middle and end of the sip is a clear fluid transition. On the tongue is a mild tingling burn moving to a medium full mouth feel and then smoothly slipping away.


The finish is lasting and pleasant, leaving a slight saltiness that fades quicker than I would have thought.


This is a solid mid level Islay scotch. Not overburdened by a need to blow you away with peatiness and smoke. Enjoy the fall

Wild Turkey 81

Thoughts on bourbon, I will be honest, not my first choice. However don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth. I got a bottle of Wild Turkey 81 and I will treat it like any other whisky. Bourbons is whiskey in the sense that it is a distilled alcohol made from malted grains.  For whisky the grain in question is at least 50% barley. For Bourbon the the ratio must be at least 51% corn.…by law (http://m.mentalfloss.com/article.php?id=30278) as well as a myriade of other requirents.

This is a young bourbon aged the required 3 years in oak barrels. The nose is chalk full of pleasant vanilla and oak. It moves aggressively though the palate and up the nostril, almost singing the hairs


The palate is straight forward, not terribly subtle


The finish is rugged and harsh brining to mind the kind machismo that would agree and say it’s a man that likes the smell of napalm in the morning, I digress. The slow burn chased down the windpipe.

I know there are better bourbons out there and I will gladly try them but this one is good for the mixer and cooking