Hibiki 17. Where to start, well HAPPY NEW YEARS, ok that’s done.


This bottle is the second pillar that holds up my love of whisky. It is far removed from the old guard Scotish gambit; with its well established, identifiable flavour spectrum. The Japanese style is paradoxically old and young. And I love it for that.

Suntory(1899), the (Yamazaki) distillery that makes Hibiki was founded in 1924 by Shinjiro Torii. He had a vision of a Japanese whisky that was emblematic of the imagecountry and its people; harmonious and respectful of its ingredients and process. From the design of the 24 faceted bottle that represent the hours in the day and  “Sekki” the traditional 24 seasons of the old lunar calendar and the hand crafted labeling”Washi“. There is a conscious and concerted effort to produce a beautiful and harmonious blended whiksy.

Now the whisky at hand. The nose and fragrance evokes a warm and fresh aroma that is crisp to the nose with warm floral citrus and sweet honey. With a slight trace of young oak.

imageThe palate rolls up your mouth with an effervescence leaving a gentle spicy tingle on the tip of the tongue. In the mouth the there is balanced richness that lets the citrus play with the oak and honey flavours from the nose. The mouth feels is clean and pleasant, present but not imposing.

The finish continues and is long lasting with a subtle complexity highlighted with a creamy floral note that allows for some interpretation.

I think I notice the oak and honey most imagebut there is this light note of citrus blossom just underneath. I find this whisky accessible and delightful, well suited for sipping in the summer with its crisp taste it doesn’t weigh you down; rather it carries you along with whispers pleasant nothings on your palate. If you can find this bottle. buy it and enjoy it. I am down to my last dram and am grateful for the gift that it truly was.




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